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Truffles Med tall floating sceneCorporate Gifts

The Fantabulous Fudge Company was first born for this market segment, and we love making our corporate clients happy, BY GETTING THEIR CLIENT’S ATTENTION. Nothing says Thanks For your Business like a WOW GIFT from the Fantabulous Fudge Company. Take it from me. I am still an outside salesguy in West Michigan, and my fudge and my hand-dipped chocolates are always a hit!

We have worked with several companies over the years, and found that there are different ways to get your gift to your client. As a business professional, I find that it is always best to have your gift personally delivered. In this case, you could bring a basket, a gift bag, or something very custom. Some of our clients are much larger and may have customers all over the country and more. These clients will need to ship their gifts, and may choose a cute gift box….

Whatever the case, we have found that sending a WOW Gift from the Fantabulous Fudge Company gets our clients a response that they appreciate. It’s different, it’s fun, and it’s delicious……

After just a brief phone call we can determine an appropriate couple of sample gifts to bring to you for your inspection and enjoyment….. We just need to know how you like to deliver your gifts, and what you’ve done in the past. Call us to schedule an appointment for a private consultation with samples that are suited for your company’s needs……Rudy at 616.334.3030

Chocolates PiledOptions for best giving

  • Gift Boxes that can be shipped anywhere
  • Gift Baskets that are best for personal deliveries
  • Gift Bags, an affordable alternative to baskets, still good for personal delivery
  • Anything custom, we’ve done little house boxes, Christmas Tree baskets, 3 sizes of Sleighs, and much, much more….. And we would love to try something new for you.