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Fox 17 News to visit Fudge Shop

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Fox 17 News is scheduled to visit Fantabulous Fudge Company on Tuesday Feb 4th, 2014 early in the morning as part of their Smart Shopper series. Rudy, the fudge guy, says that discounts will be offered for early Valentines Day chocolates. Fudge Truffle Assortments¬†will be $5 off. Fudges will only be $5. All day Tuesday the 4th and Wednesday the 5th. Also, pre-orders of Chocolate Strawberries will be $5 off if ordered by phone or in person before 6pm on Wednesday the 5th of February, and may be picked up any day until Valentines Day. Making fresh chocolate creations to help sweeten up your Valentine and offering a deal along the way. That’s Fantabulous…

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