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Apple 12 packFundraising

The Fantabulous Fudge Company believes in supporting good causes in our community, and we have and will work with various school, church, and other non-profit groups to help in their fundraising efforts. If your group would like a demonstration with samples, please call us….. @ 616.334.3030.

Key Benefits

  • Product Sells Itself – It’s FUDGE !!!
  • You work with the owners
  • Guaranteed Fresh
  • Repeat Customers – They will ask you, “When will you do this again!!!”


We will bring samples to your group’s leaders and explain our fundraising process, which is as simple as this: you sign up, and we establish a kick-off meeting where some Fantabulous Fudge is sampled and your salespeople get their brochures and tally sheets. They sell for two to three weeks, and return their sheets to the group leaders, who then add up the totals to complete your order to us. We will then deliver your order approximately two weeks from the time we receive it. And then you have your salespeople distribute their goods. It’s a month long event that only takes two weeks!!!

We do not use fluffy prizes to give incentive to your salespeople to push high-priced stuff from China, we use mouth-watering, hand-made in Michigan Fantabulous Fudge to tempt your friends and relatives into pledging their support for your organization.

Call 616-334-3030 to Schedule your visit from the Fantabulous Fudge Company!!!!!