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Apple Milk ToffeeGourmet Caramel Apples

Fresh Crisp Apples covered with creamy caramel and rolled in any number of items. Each one is made fresh for your order so the taste incredible when they get to you. This treat also comes splashed with milk chocolate if that’s what you crave, or Dark Chocolate if that is what you desire…

In the Autumn, we buy our apples directly from the grower (What’s Up, Jay?), and we’ll make them into our Caramel apples sometimes within a week of being on the tree. Now that’s fresh! When they’re in season we like to use HoneyCrisp apples (mid-September through October). For a sweeter, more affordable apple we use the Empires in October and November. In November we get a nice supply of the fresh Granny Smith apples which will give you the best crisp sweet-tart caramel apple experience. We use the Granny Smiths for the better part of the year, until the new crop of HoneyCrisp are ready in September.

We’ve done hundreds of our Caramel Apples for weddings, and would love to help make your wedding all that much more Fantabulous….. wink, wink. Happy to make them in any flavor, even something new just for you.

Fantabulous Gourmet Apple Flavors

  • Chocolate & CaramelĀ Apple
  • Toffee Apple
  • Oreo Apple
  • Butterfinger Apple
  • Turtle Apple (Pecans or Cashews, Caramel & Chocolate – shown at right)
  • White Chocolate Chip Apple
  • Everything Apple (Toffee, Butterfinger, & White Chocolate Chips)